This outfitters goat area is located in Prince William Sound on a Chugach National Forest guiding concession.  This area is incredibly beautiful with many tidewater glaciers and long coastal fiords. This area has a large goat population
and tags are sold over the counter by The outfitter. As there is no shortage of goats  we won't spend days trying to find goat or climb big mountains in the hopes that goats are present.  We see goats every day and the only time we climb a mountain is when going after a particular goat.  This outfitter
only takes large male goats.   Success rate is near 100%.
Alaska Prince William Sound Goat Hunts
The Mountain Goat hunting is conducted during the months of September and October. This outfitter uses float planes  or boats to access alpine lakes or saltwater bays. These are true trophy mountain goat hunts.  This is a first class hunt for more information or to book a hunt contact us.