Planning your hunting trip can encompass many things depending on the location to the equipment that you need.  LAK Hunting Adventures is dedicated to ensuring that you cover all your bases.  The amount of planning is dependent on the hunt you are going on.  Naturally hunting overseas requires more detailed planning than hunting in your country of citizenship.  We can complete or assist with all that you must do to prepare for your hunt.   From Passports to Country entry requirements we and the outfitters will do every thing we can to get you off on the right path.
LAK Hunting Adventures recommends that you use Sportsman's Travel Insurance we feel this is the best insurance available, and their policies are the most thorough. When you buy the Sportsman's Travel Insurance policy for your hunt you are covered for trip cancellation and medical evacuation for the duration of your trip. The medical evacuation insurance plan includes evacuation from the point of your injury, to your home hospital or hospital of your choice. It also includes $25,000 of medical insurance, not a cash advance but actual insurance. This feature can be upgraded very inexpensively to $50,000 of insurance. It also includes a comprehensive trip cancellation plan which covers: 

License fee refund 
Sportsman's equipment loss 
Sportsman's equipment delay 
Access to up-to-the-minute weather, fishing and hunting reports 
Please see a complete Description of Coverage by clicking here. Comprehensive non-insurance travel insurance services are included such as BagTrak, airport transportation, hotel finder and reservations, cash transfers and more!

In addition, every Sportsman's Travel Insurance Plan customer also has access to Sportsman's Hotline. Hotline services include: 

Local hunting regulations and locations of game registration stations 
Up-to-the-minute weather, fishing and hunting reports 
Roadside Assistance: up to $100 per occurrence for towing assistance, delivery of oil, fluids or water; fuel delivery, lock-out assistance, and jump-starts for dead batteries. 

Purchase your Sportsman's Travel Insurance Plan within 15 days of your initial trip deposit and you will receive: 

Coverage for bankruptcy of an airline, cruise line or tour operator 
A waiver of any pre-existing medical conditions that could eventually cause you to cancel or interrupt your trip 

LAK Hunting Adventures is an authorized agent of the Travel Guard Sportsman's Insurance Plan and the Travel Guard MedEvac Insurance Plan. For a policy quote click here. If you have any questions about trip cancellation insurance, medical evacuation insurance, or the Sportsman's Travel Insurance Plan please give us a call at 337-212-4712

There are many things you will need to think about after you have booked your hunt. 
  • Visa Requirements/Pass Ports
  • Travel Insurance
  • Flights
  • Taxidermy
  • Firearms and ammunition importing
  • Shipping your trophies
  • Emergency Communications
  • Packing list (What to bring)
These are just a few of the things to consider when planning you hunt.  We can help with making these arrangements or recommending  agencies that can.  
Planning your Hunt 
Things to Plan